Exeptionella värmeegenskaper med 4-glasfönster

PVC PVC PASSIV KRYPTON  är en stabil profil som rekommenderas för lågenergi- och passivhus.

Perfect choice which will guarantee optimum connecting the permanence of the window with the best thermal insulation. The window in this system is being dedicated in particular to passive residential buildings and functional.


System PASIVE-Energi MD KRYPTON  :

  • straight, timeless elegance.
  • identical height rebate sash and frames.
  • depth of the frame: 88 mm.
  • depth of folding: 111 mm.
  • height of folding: 129 mm.
  • system 6 chamber.
  • quantity of gaskets in the standard: 3 (system MD in standard)
  • Uw* = (for the referential window)1,11 W/m²K with the glass Ug = 1,0 (package 1-chamber: 4/16Ar/4 c.r.)0,86 W/m²K with the glass Ug = 0,6 (package 2-chamber: 4/14Ar/4/14Ar/4 c.r.)0,71 W/m²K with the glass Ug = 0,4 ( package 2-chamber: 4/16Kr/4/16Kr/4 c.r.)

    0,66 W/m²K with the glass Ug = 0,3 ( package 3-chamber: 4/12Kr/4/12Kr/4/12Kr/4 c.r.)

  • sound insulation: 45 dB (for glass 10/20/44.1Si)
  • identical height of the pillar in the frame as well as crossbar in the sash is giving possibility identical.
  • facing pillars at one height.
  • possibility of making the structure of the window with the fixed and floating mullion.
  • the deep building development of folding is guaranteeing the lower thermal permeability.
  • solid PVC partition walls for thicknesses even to about 2,7mm and internal steel galvanized.
  • reinforcements will guarantee appropriate statics.
  • basic scopes of glazing: from 24 mm to 52 mm.
  • in the standard the window has 1-anti-burglary latch.
  • 1-sided and 2-sided colour windows produced with invisible welding from size min. 300×300 (window 1-chamber), or window of few chamber of size „sash” ≥ 400 mm
  • possibility of a balcony window with a low aluminium threshold.
  • possibility to install aluminium covers also with extensions.